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Tali Shalev


Tali Shalev


MA in Law and Bioethics/Medical Ethics of Bar-Ilan University

“We’re like bespoke business tailors – everything is made-to-measure, matched and designed to fit your business needs like a well-tailored suit: that’s our concept of Personalization.”

Tali is a multidisciplinary, independently-minded executive with an impressive track record of improving organizational performance by taking a client-centric approach

She is an expert in creating new B2B Go-to-Market plans across diverse industries; building cross-organizational processes from the ground up and defining strategies and new opportunities for small businesses as well as large enterprises. Using innovative digital solutions and implementing the latest technology as needed, Tali is skilled in negotiating complex tenders and contracts across cultures, with full-cycle transaction execution from Letter of Intent through closing, relationship management, and project execution.

Gali Idan


Gali Idan


BA in Political Science and Management of the Open University of Israel

"We make sure your new 'suit 'makes an impression of giving you the stature and presence to position yourself in the market, as a trend-setter, a market leader."

Experienced Business Development with wide knowledge in working with startup companies, venture capital investors and multi-national technology corporations, focusing on investor relations and capital raising.

She leads the company’s business development effort and is responsible to identify new business opportunities, new markets, new partnerships, new ways to reach existing markets and emerging trend. Gali is creative thinking and analytical skills with knowledge and a deep understanding of the global high-tech ecosystem.


SUITS YOU was established to help your business develop into a financially stable company by providing business and creative solutions. We offer you marketing services, business development, capital raising, open innovation, scouting and branding with personal, 

close and accurate support from a single source.

We ensure total coverage of your startup requirements with the help of our team comprising of both experienced and innovative minds. Investment, development and international networking of startup support eco-systems players. We also help public and private companies and organisations build innovation ecosystems of national and international scale.


Our worldview embraces creativity,
precision and matching services and solutions for you, with the relevant business environment in which you operate.
Each enterprise needs these services in different ways to meet specific 

market conditions and variables depending on product, service, and sector.

Personalization is the way to achieve this. Whether it is a single defined project or a long-term campaign, we will map clear goals, and formulate a dynamic strategy considering the ever-changing needs of the market to deliver a powerful creative and targeted marketing communication package to put you in a leadership position.

Together, we will not only find business opportunities for you but also formulate a strategy tailored exactly to your needs, and apply it in a realistic, smart and accurate manner providing all creative services, branding, taking care of execution and production.​